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The time from Halloween until the New Year can be a bit of a blur. We often forget to slow down and enjoy the small moments.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is always hectic but somehow comes together.  I have found that planning helps to make everything run a bit smoother.

Several weeks before Thanksgiving I make a timeline, identifying the food I will be making and how long each takes to prepare, take an inventory of what I have on hand and prepare a shopping list.
I note anything that can be made in advance to save time on Thanksgiving Day. One time saver is to make the base (or the roux) for the gravy several days ahead and refrigerate it. On Thanksgiving morning I am grateful that there is one less thing to prepare that requires measuring flour and butter. Just pour the roux into a pan, add the drippings and you have gravy.  The same is true for the cranberry sauce. A few days also helps the flavors to come together.
For those looking for some holiday meal preparation guidance, I am offering help with planning your meal and assisting in making sides, appetizers or desserts a few days ahead of Thanksgiving.
For those who are in the area, and do not want to cook, I am available to prepare side dishes, appetizers  and desserts for you and will drop them off at your home. For delivery beyond 10 miles outside of Malibu, there is a delivery fee.

Please contact me through the CONTACT page or for menus and pricing.

Happy Holidays!


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